Unspoken Agreement Design

Unspoken Agreement, a New York-based creative agency, was invited to work on a new visual identity for the brand. Unspoken Agreement is a collaboration of courageous creators who are at the forefront of the fight against ugliness and visual noise. With a clear and conceptual aesthetic, we strive to create a striking design that is both unforgettable and timeless. We work with like-minded people who are proud of their brand, who value expertise and aspire to innovation. We promise hard work and beautiful design that will communicate your brand values and surpass your boldest dreams. It all starts with a conversation. Share your big idea with us to understand your concept and competitors, as well as your brand`s mission and vision. We do this at no cost to you. Your unique sleep problems require a modern, individualized and holistic approach – Proper`s evidence-based advice and coaching helps you achieve and maintain long-term sleep health. Explanation: Proper`s brand identity concept reflects the overall goals of the product.

For the word mark, we chose a lowercase sans serif with rounded corners for a clinical and accessible aesthetic. The 5-bar logo element pays homage to the decades of the 5 different sleep phases that have been studied.